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2016 conclusion


Assalamualaikum wbt and May God Bless You.

Although it is not end of the year yet, I can draw some initial conclusions for this 2016.

As in my initial prediction earlier this year, there are a few things of uncertainty foreseen through out the year. So far, so good, well at least I survived until today, Alhamdulillah.

Here are a quick summary of uncertainty that happened throughout the year:


  • ascending as planned
  • expertise recognition from international body
  • hiccup here, hiccup there, solved here, solved there.
  • certified in a few fields


  • Cant really decide when to move, so no new place for the kid
  • New family members expected soon as this post been made
  • So far, so good


  • Change in staff. It give me spooky thinking earlier when my assistant has been offered to work based his Degree field. I do wish the best for him. Interestingly, I got new staff replacement with some extra benefit of expertise and experienced – ex-Petronas Executive. So technically, I am hiring a ‘manager’ then. :p
  • The main business so far, Alhamdulillah, went well. I hope LHD end does not reading this. We (me and my team) worked out and reach more than 20k/month sale for three consecutive months. I love you guys. 🙂
  • After doing market validation, we do expand to other business that’s similar. Got funded by 10 investors just by pitching in Whatsapp for 15 minutes. It is unexpected, but so far it went very well. Shareholder telling interest to invest more. Clients are more than happy and a few of them even send out email for long term co-operation. Alhamdulillah.


  • A good friend expected to leave the company, and luckily she does not. It give me the chill anyway.
  • Something happen for a good reason. I loved it, hated it, and loved it. For one month, I have been given spesific test by Him, and I’m sure I remember the take home message, InsyaAllah.
  • A few more which I couldnt recall at this 2 am 😉


May Allah Bless Me and You. InsyaAllah. 🙂

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