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An idea for extra income – Ebook?


Lately I was wondering what can I do to got some money or extra income. There has been a few ideas pop-up in mind to gain some extra cash.

One of them is E-book. I dunno whether it is still relevant or not at this time, but at least I can give it a try.

I’ve googling and doing some research that there are a lot of E-books that talk about IM (internet marketing) rather than computer in Bahasa Melayu.  Hm, this sound quiet good as Malaysian need something more than IM; the technical skills, the handbook of life, something practical, other than virtual life. I’ve also read that Ebook can be sold if there are someone who want to read it, no matter whether how worth you think it would be inside.

So, I’m thinking to do something related with computer. Something valuable for some special readers. Something that anyone can understand than technical skills.

Ideas for the ebook has been scratched down to papers, and my friends (luckily, there are a few friends would like to assist and see it successfullness) and I will start writing from today onwards. There are a few chapters and the draft will be reorganized after all papers has been submitted.

Seems like Lutfi, my comploggers friend, has taken a step to ‘install Operating System’. So my EBook will be different and probably unique. I have also a chat with Aman and he said that ebooksphere has filled with internet marketers and he suggested some other ‘practical’ ebooks to test the market. As for Sabri, he support the idea of making computer Ebook, and updated he is currently busy with something and also hoping BuletinPC will achieve something one day.

That’s all for now. Wait until we announce the book, revised it for making it worth, and sell it for super duper discount for the readers. Thank you all for supporting computer industries.


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  1. moga berjaya dalam projek baru nie…kang bagi aku bacaa dulu yerk.. 😀



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