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An Open Letter for University Regarding Feedback on Practical Students Part 1/2


This is not usual for me to comment on student practical in public, but thinking this is something worth to be shared, then here it goes. Furthermore, this specific uni seems does not care much about it as well.

“I am writing this as a personal open letter solely for UUM intership management with the objective of fair feedback and improvement where applied.

Practical students from UUM can be considered as fresh graduates, as this is their final semester before graduating.

Surprise on Visiting Lecturer

I am quiet surprise at first to know just verbally from my practical student, (perhaps from her whatsapp group I assume), that UUM does not send any visiting lecturer this semester. This matter is quiet dissapointing for us in this agency, as we really hope and appreciate representative from Universities visiting. It shows how university itself concern on their student’s behaviour and skillset, and we are more than happy to share our view on relevant skillset nowadays that student and university should look into. Universities and industries had also build good rapport by having this link.

Thus, I am writing just to let you know these few comments, despite we missed a fruitful discussion with visiting lecturer, based on their six months practical in the agency. There are two major things I want to highlight on with example just so you have the idea.

1. Skillset

The first four weeks are quiet though for us. Sorry to tell this frankly, those product from UUM does not have the skillset, that we think they have, stated in their good marking grades! We have our own Benchmark for practical students, but sadly these students does not have what it takes and does not live to the standard itself. 

For an example, they takes more than 2 weeks to make a simple SQL connection, and some of them does not even know how to kick off the project yet. Most may say Google is a friend, and still there are a lot of IT officers here that are happy to help. Even on requirement of the project they do not understand, nor seek for advice even to clarify again with their supervisor. After two weeks, its a surprise as they brings nothing.

I come to think whether the objective of the practical industry itself is just to gain experience on the industry, not neccessary project-based, but I was wrong.
Surprisingly, this UUM praktikum carries 12 credit hours. This means UUM put a very high hopes that industries and universities and collaborating together to craft a better future. This is highly recommended and respected.

The following month, we have lowered our expectation and a few of us express their disappointment on the student project progress. Anyhow, being positive and taking this to higher challenges, we change our approaches. We thought we should guide them more. We had tried to mix them by changing workplace environment, gave them some group work task such as helping at the front desk, and also giving them a more friendly celebration such as birthdays. In any way, we found that these students does not react as an employee and they are still maintaining the same attitude, mingle among themselves, and furthermore that we suspected, wasting time gossiping about how we treat them.

And this lead to my next comment, on Attitude.


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