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An Open Letter for University Regarding Feedback on Practical Students Part 2/2


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2.0 Attitude

If …you dont have the skillset, that is okay. As long as you have the right attitude that tailor to workplace need. These students should learn how to communicate in a workplace. The situation here is that they are to clingy to each other like they have created their own island and communicate seldom with other staffs.

2.1 Supervisor is your friend

While Im trying to act as a bridge between them and the staffs, I probably has been taken for granted like their “friend” – everything that I corrected is just me being annoyed, because other supervisor (SV) seems like they don’t care. For example when I told them the don’ts and do this, they compared with other SV, which other SV are too busy to tell them those matter. These mindset are what we seen in these student and everyone in the company have been complaining the same thing. The other staffs suggested me being straight as these friendly approach doesn’t seems to work with them.

2.2 Allowance

Let me clarify before we go deeper, industrial practical at government agencies are basically not entitled for allowance. Yes, there is no allocation for allowance, and we salute most of our previous students does not take things for granted.

On the contrary, in this case, I actually gave my practical students allowance. Yes, me myself gave allowance solely because I want to ease her during her practical and I have told her I need her for my part time work. Just to note, I have several link to industries and even without her helping I can still manage. Yes, I do gave her allowance approximately RM500/months and checked with our HR, and they does not have any problem as long it is the SV willingness. So, bear in mind she has allowances unofficially, the same amount for private sector.

2.3 On Reporting

Most of these students doesn’t report to their SV on their progress. Almost every time I need to ask them what have been done and what is their plan. Until several month, I make a rule to my student to see me at 9 am and 4:30 pm everyday for reporting. Even by that rule, she takes for granted at first by not reporting when I am not around several times, but shes getting it as I’m still asking it via whatsapp on those time.

While for other students, their SV have other important project to do, and these students has been given a two week task. Surprise us, no feedback or progress report during that and they came with only a-two-day progress (that we expect) in the end. You see, if the have the right attitude, this can be avoided.

On reporting as well, this students are bind to follow their supervisor order and agency rule. And to my surprise, these students are actually does not know what reporting to-the-right-person-the-right-thing means. Upon my outstation, she followed her friend to do her friend task, while she has been given her own task by me. This is mind blowing for me, as shes not reporting that task, and agency staffs are actually texting me asking whether she is allowed to do that?

When I came to her and tell this, she acted like I am trying to control her. Well, what on earth does she think she can do everything in a company. I’ve discussed with other SV and they lost words and make a face palm. We among ourselves feel exhausted, and some even say never to take UUM students anymore.

2.4 Leave

Long story short, there is an event where I tested my student what if I’m not allowing her to take leave. She said if I do that, she will take an MC and it does not matter as she can buy it cheaper.

I don’t actually mind for a leave, as long as you have the reasonable reason.

Surprise me, are they think they are still in UUM? This is an agency, and they are doing practical. I never tell my boss that I’m gonna take fake MC if he doesn’t approve my leave. And furthermore I did not even take or intended any fake leave during my employment. How could these students think of that?

2.5 Official Attire

As this is government agency, baju kurung is the official attire for them. On certain occasion, you are allowed to wear long pants and shoes like during cabling for network.

Long story short, I have told my student several times that pants and shoes are not official, and they cannot wear it. Subjectively, IT department does not have any climbing job, so it is bind to default of baju kurung.

Several times she wear it, and when I try to bring this up, she is arguing and seeing me as being control. She actually comparing with her friend that can wear (her friend have network cabling task).

Again, is this agency is her father’s?

2.6 Punchcard and Late Coming

They have been given that yellow old school punch card to time track during practical here.

I have asked many times where are those punch card, as never ever in my time students or staffs are allowed taking it anywhere outside the agency premises. This is first crucial mistake that they fail to realize. Many reasons are being given for not showing it to me.

To my surprise, on her last day, six month card and there you go. Many punches are late for every month. Actually Goverment are taking many late as serious cases. And for the last months, more than half of the months are latecoming. Hereby I attached her attendance for you to judge.

2.7 Project Work

As per above, you should have guessed many of them are below expectation on project. Furthemore it could be improve if they have the right attitude.

Upon their final month, we have set a date for presentation and from that moment then we see some seriousness in them. Probably they still thinking that this is UUM, well, at least us thinking that way.

If I keep the list longer I probably havent much time with my family. There is however something that I see the good in them, that is and solely punctual on lunch time. They come back for work before 2 pm.

In conclusion, those aspect of students are never seen in my 10 years in agency. It is probably something new for us that we should address it correctly and for universiti to know their product readiness for the market.

You reap what you sow.

Signing off,

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Supervisor agency for UUM practical students
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CC: IT Application Unit Manager and IT Manager

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