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Hello 2018

I hope it is not too late. I know it is not.

Although it takes me quiet a while to kickstart 2018 without proper plan, and risking it to prosper throughoutthe year.

Here is the setup that I have planted since early this year:

Dedicated Persons

More people, more focus, more to gain, more less headache task, and less gain on “income”. Phew. It just a matter of time as I forecast it is going to be a good “investment” anyway.

“Work-Life Balance”. The term I’ve been using with my ex housemate half a decade back.

Working in Alternate Days 

This year I am going to tune into that really slowly. I used to work almost everyday (even during weekend, and wifey would turn into hulk instead of wonder woman) and back home around 1 to 2 am.

So, just a rule to me for a worklife balance, I might use this alternate day concept. One day in house and next day in office. Furthermore, being far away from my second workplace is somehow create smiles to wifey as I now feel exausted driving (probably due to aging lolz).

Often every year, a new unique challenges will surface. Lets rock on 2018, again!


Signing In To Sustainability and Staying Relevant,

Dekan. 😊

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Probably the Last Working Method for Encrypted File by Ransomware

As since last week the world went havoc by this ransomware Wannacry and it seems like a very good opportunity by every security vendor in the world to email their potential customers regarding the subject.

So, the last thing you would want to do probably pay the ransom as it is the only way you know will work.

However, I have this idea, of getting the file, probably not all, but at least something than nothing – file recovery solution.


1. You dont have any backup

2. Your pc does not have drive cache or previous version

3. No other place that you store the very life-important file

…this thing could probably save your money, and life.

So, as I write, my antimalware colleagues now testing and validating this idea. Probably a 50% cure for this disease.

Hope for a good result. 😊

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Pengurusan Kewangan Untuk Fresh Graduate Berdasarkan Pengalaman Sebenar

Just recently, there is one subordinate of mine came to me to seek advice on her financial matter.  She has been working for 3 years now, with 1 year at private sector. She did complaint that her salary is lesser in public sector but she still can manage it for the time being.  

While I don’t think I’m good enough for advising her on financial management, we came to a small discussion on what her plan and objectives. Following that, I advised her based on my experience and knowledge on how that can be achieved. I learned that she wanted to be able to survived after her soon marriage and at least some liquid assets just right for her to use during critical times.  

Here is my current ‘blueprint’ for any fresh graduate for financial management thing (of course by exploiting their earning with payslip to the highest possible) 🙂


1. She/He need to have at least a total of RM3,000 income either from fulltime salary or part time.  

Currently she is salaried at RM2,200 and I did suggest some part time job that she can do such as tuition teacher, cake and brownies business, dropshipping, affiliates and a few more. In total, if she is consistent, she can happily achieved RM3,000 in next few months.

2. She/He has been working for more than three month.

This is important as my techniques are specially designed for fully utilizing the loan capability and the eligibility of those.

3. Savings. She should have adequate saving in her account, although not much, consistency will paid off. Saving should be made into investment body such as ASB and Tabung Haji.

Here is the step-by-step of what I suggested:

Step 1. Buy Health/Life Insurance – RM150/month

Health/Life insurance is important as much as planning the unexpected. Getting a life insurance will secure your financial amount on health and being yourself as you have the advantage of receiving a value that we called money. I’m not going to go deeper into this. A minimum amount suggested is RM150 per month.  

Step 2. Rent a whole house without furnish

If your singleship status will end soon, I suggest you start looking for a home that is unfurnished rather than a shared-room. The idea is that:

a. unfurnished house is cheaper than fully furnished, let say RM800

b. find your own housemates and charge them per shared-room let say RM700; so you only pay RM100 for the rental

c. gradually complete your house furnished with remaining money, which you can use these furniture during your early marriage-life  

Step 3. Saving

Keep a saving as minimum as RM200/month. Don’t skip.  

Step 4. Buy the properties  

Finding a house is far more different than going to shopping mall and grabs something that you like on your first sight. You need to do multiple visits, do the evaluation, prediction, and lastly decide on which house is closely suitable to meet your objective.  

I suggest that you follow these steps on using loan facilities in buying the houses:

a) First House – use bank loan  

b) Second House – use bank loan

c) Third House – if you are gov servant, use the government loan for the third  

You can opt for new development, subsale, and even auction if you have some cash in hand. My experience in these three type, subsale has given more advantage than those two.  With subsale, you can negotiate the price and also ensure that the house conditions are good for you before buying it. Furthermore, you can buy it below market price and with additional agreement, you can probably get a full loan. Auction and new development requires you to have a lot of cash as the capital.  You probably eligible for less than RM2,000/month for monthly commitment  at this stage. So you might want to look for properties (max: 2) that total up until RM350,000  

Step 5. Buy a car / something else that you need 

At this point, if you need a car, you can buy it based on your remaining Debt Service Ratio (DSR). You can buy other this as well. 

Step 6. Investing

Some might say that investing in ASB will give you max dividend with above 7% per annum. That is a good start. If you have any plan on investing on ASB, I would suggest that you do some homework on the trick of ASB loan, which somehow will give you 20%-30% in ROI. But careful, it might affect you DSR as well.  

Some also might say, it is best to invest in gold. I would say go for that as well. Whatever suit you. Those investments have its own upside down, which is normal.  

Oh how about unit trust?  

Frankly speaking, I’m not familiar with unit trust nor have any experience investing on that. The agent might say the ROI is 15%, but some might not get lucky enough and loose some amount. As he name suggest it os investing.

 Just keep in mind, whatever you plan to invest, do study the worse case scenario and consider what you might loose. For example, on ASB Loan, you might get free money but your commitment probably locked up to 5 years. 

Well I think that was it. 

Step 7. Register SSM

Register an SSM and start a small business at early age. I bet you would appreciate this point if you know what you can do with them. There are a lot of financial facilities that is available for small business and startup nowadays. Why not grab one for yourself.

Everything that is mentioned are based on my experience. You probably have different one, better than mine. Feel free to share anything in the comment form. 😉  

Last but not least, after 5 years, imagine how much can she gain?

1. Protected by life insurance

2. Have a nice house fully equipped with household and furnitures

3. Have some saving even if she used everything for her wedding, she has been trained to do contonuos saving.

4. Have a lot of cash in hand as the property were tremendously appreciate after 5 years with 0% RPGT. She might either: a) sell the house b) refinance to current value 

5. Have a car and anything else

6. Have some liquid asset. 

7. Probably has started a steady business that give her steady income 😉

 SpSekian sahaja kali ini. Semoga bermanfaat. InsyaAllah. Aminnn.

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Drafting initial plan for business in 2017

Assalamualaikum wbt and very good morning to you guys,


In dealing with current business challenge especially for the year 2017 and looking forward, I seek a few advices and insight opinion from the startup fellows. Many meetings or should I say a santai table talks in the December 2016 has been held.


For this year, me and Amin, my manager cum my replicator (he can do the thinking while I’m not around) for running operation, decided that we maintain our business (projector rental & laptop rental), and wrap it up into something more related (mini event AV equipment rental) in order to offer the packages to customers. It sound good to me as we previously offer seperate item rather all-in-one solutions. Our inventories and partners also has been growing tremendously in 2016.


In 2017 also, we will be focusing on our current partners and look ahead for new partnership opportunities. I have made a decision that an office (although it just a working space) is important in strengtehing the company image. Luckily Amin have found a suitable one located in just nearby (Presint 8) and we will be sharing with a suitable company that is doing training center business (soon to be our client as well.) 😍


For some that ask whether we have any plan on diversity, the answer is we do, and right now it is  still in initial and research stage and we expect it will grow slow and steady.


Last but not least, thank you to all the client for your continuos support and also thank you to all staffs that happily working with us. We would not have been this far at we are now without each of you direct or indirectly helping it. Lets rock 2017! 


May Allah bless us. InsyaAllah.


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2016 conclusion

Assalamualaikum wbt and May God Bless You.

Although it is not end of the year yet, I can draw some initial conclusions for this 2016.

As in my initial prediction earlier this year, there are a few things of uncertainty foreseen through out the year. So far, so good, well at least I survived until today, Alhamdulillah.

Here are a quick summary of uncertainty that happened throughout the year:


  • ascending as planned
  • expertise recognition from international body
  • hiccup here, hiccup there, solved here, solved there.
  • certified in a few fields


  • Cant really decide when to move, so no new place for the kid
  • New family members expected soon as this post been made
  • So far, so good


  • Change in staff. It give me spooky thinking earlier when my assistant has been offered to work based his Degree field. I do wish the best for him. Interestingly, I got new staff replacement with some extra benefit of expertise and experienced – ex-Petronas Executive. So technically, I am hiring a ‘manager’ then. :p
  • The main business so far, Alhamdulillah, went well. I hope LHD end does not reading this. We (me and my team) worked out and reach more than 20k/month sale for three consecutive months. I love you guys. 🙂
  • After doing market validation, we do expand to other business that’s similar. Got funded by 10 investors just by pitching in Whatsapp for 15 minutes. It is unexpected, but so far it went very well. Shareholder telling interest to invest more. Clients are more than happy and a few of them even send out email for long term co-operation. Alhamdulillah.


  • A good friend expected to leave the company, and luckily she does not. It give me the chill anyway.
  • Something happen for a good reason. I loved it, hated it, and loved it. For one month, I have been given spesific test by Him, and I’m sure I remember the take home message, InsyaAllah.
  • A few more which I couldnt recall at this 2 am 😉


May Allah Bless Me and You. InsyaAllah. 🙂

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