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Awak, awak sayang saya?


In certain times, we would here the man would say this to his partner – “Awak sayang saya tak?”. This usually happen during the “couple” phase, and during “marriage” phase when living apart.

It bring questions to the spouse or girlfriend why would he asking the same question over and over again. Unfortunately, they sometimes feel uneasy and annoyed.

Some assumptions made by the girlfriend may lead to, “perhaps he has someone else”. While some other speculate that he feel unsecure and unsure of her.

I found the answer rather quiet simple.

The man actually beforehand say this to himself, “I love you very much..”

And then text the girl, “Sayang, do you love me?” as much as well?

In other explanation, he loves the girl so much that he couldn’t bear to hold it alone, and asking whether she might feel the same to him.

That’s it. 🙂

And my dear wifey, “How much do you love me?” Lolz, this surpass the question whether love or not – thanks to a friend for this brilliant idea. 🙂

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