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Babies on April


There are too many of them; I am so sorry for those that I missed.

1 April – Azmiah
11 April – Suhaida
17 April – Su’aidah, Ameera
20 April – Fairuz Azwan
23 April – Firdaus Awang Kechil
24 April – Nur Nadzirah (sister), RudarulMorhaya, Abong (Hilmi), Firdaus Zakaria
27 April – Anisah

These are the least that I could remember (please forgive me if I left anyone, do let me know) and those people are important to me in some way. I’m so sorry because none of you received special present from me this year, yet. I probably a little bit messy this month as I am now working days and nights. Lolz. Selfish statement. Thank you everyone. Thank you for understanding. :p Yeah, busy with suaidah, nija or suhaida. Ye salah. Busy dengan kerja. Eh, didn’t I mention before I have an online calendar. Take a peek. I removed it thought it’s confidential to put it online.

Anyway Happy Birthday, guys! 🙂 May Allah blessed you always!!

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