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Sudden Change In Property Plan

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.,

Suppose at this technological interconnected era, anyone at my current age (generation Y) are well aware of a good personal financial planning.

Owning a house is one of them.

Well enrolling into public sector makes me eligible for one more emergency line or ‘talian hayat’ as I can bypass 70% eligible loan for the third house as restricted by bank negara.

Uniquely, home loan finance from goverment are based on your basic salary with dedicated a set of eligible amount.

So, at early stage I was entitled for MYR255,000 on 2009. I have waited the amount to increase to a better affordable housing price range.

Below is the tablefor the eligibility.


Additional info: My salary incremented at around rm80 per year.

Based on that, can you tell me what can you conclude? 

Now that appreciation of properties suddenly rise, I wasn’t manage to get the row that I want.

Alhamdulillah, consequencely, a few things change suddenly, and it turns out my salary was incremented drastically and the final was during PM announcement of one year advance increment for all goverment servants.

At this point, I was ‘lifted’ suddenly and at a pretty good ‘row’, and considering the property appreciation, it might be the best time to use my talian hayat.

I have also calculated, even if I waited for 10 years, funnyly, I only manage to buy a property priced at RM420,000. Well, come to think of it, will you wait for your ‘JUSA’ just to buy a house at RM420,000? Take a look at the table above again if you did not believe me.

So, I have taken my talian hayat at this time just to grab another place for a living. Talian hayat such as this can only be used once in your lifetime.

Even I envy those who lived in outskirt, whoch they can buy a superb property at RM320,000, I am also grateful and hopefully I have make a good decision.

InsyaAllah. Do pray for me.

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Combo pack! Doakan daku selamat tahun 2013

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.,

Sementara tiada mood kerja, dan ada mood menulis, ku updatekan jua perkara-perkara yang akan menjadi jurnalku. Hehe.

So, latest update, lets see… It’s been a very occupied months lately and will continues until end of the year.

I am grateful though in this life, although it has been a little bit hectic and busy in the early days, has never been easier through the end of the day.

I am also grateful that this life work as planned so far, Alhamdulillah..

So the combo were:

1. Daily Workload + 2. Daily Study

Then come up:

3. Weekend Biz

Then come up:

4. Future Baby

Then come up:

5. Daily additional workload as I will take my superior job

And those were effective simultaneously.


Luckily I have those helping hands around me, showing nothing to all those point above. 🙂

Special thanks to wifey, jaju, ayep, apai, and all others that has given tremendous support, ideas, hands, legs, and keeping me ‘alive’ in my tiredness.

Lets’s hope it work as planned. 🙂 InsyaAllah.


We never fail to plan (coz if we don’t, they said we plan to fail, lolz.) but the decision is Allah as he is the best planner.


Short story of the plan. Wifey has returned home since early this year. So, I didn’t plan to go anywhere this year. So, with a great opportunity from my very bestfriend, I enroll for continuing study for these 2 years. And to pick up fast, we took the same course as back to back is important to ensure stability of emotion, and discussion for understanding. There are a lot of wonderful plan in between which I should keep for myself without you, yes you, reader, planning to ruin it. Lolz.

Anyway, I wish all the best to you, reader, too.

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Facebook email module via Heroku

At last, after a few days struggling, Alhamdulillah, now I can use Sendgrid (a cloud-based messaging system) with “swiftmailer” to send out email notifications about Tempahan Projektor via Heroku (cloud-based application that offer free https), in DCT’s Facebook’s SewaProjektor page.

The work is quiet tedious as “sendgrid-php”‘s Git submodule (, was configured to received parameter without swiftmailer attached in “/SendGrid/Smtp.php”:

public function __construct($username, $password)
/* check for SwiftMailer,
* if it doesn't exist, try loading
* it from Pear
if (!class_exists('Swift')) {
require_once 'swift_required.php';
call_user_func_array("parent::__construct", func_get_args());

I do not have PEAR module in my “heroku”, so the right path must be set out to original swiftmailer application’s file.

So, I de-attached the submodule sendgrid-php (as I cannot commit any changes to the branches directly to sendgrid’s git), and make a folder of my own ‘sendgrid-php-swift’ branch in my local heroku.

Then, I:
$git add sendgrid-php-swift/
$git commit -am “installing sendgrid-php-swift”
$git push heroku

and voila! It is working perfectly. 😉

To call the email function using php, easily use:

include 'sendgrid-php-swift/SendGrid_loader.php';
$sendgrid = new SendGrid($SENDGRID_username, '$SENDGRID_password');
$mail = new SendGrid\Mail();

Best of luck. 😉

P/S: i)

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Buat duit dengan blog

There are many ways to make money from blogging activity. If you have blog, trust me, you don’t even have to know any SEO to promote your blog. It will goes to Google Page Rank 1 without you even notice. The trick is, post constantly.

Here is a brief on money you can gain if you have blog.

1. Google Adsense – Register an account for Adsense and put Google Ads on your page. Anyone click or missclicked on it, you will received your payment. There is a friend of mine, periodically receiving Google payout every 2 months. One more tip, your blog must be in English for more effectiveness.

2. Advertising Space – Make your blog as interesting as possible as it gains traffic, there will be a chance somebody want to put some ads on your blog. Then you can charge him per month for a space.

3. Review Product – If your blog have interesting niche, with many audience, you sometimes will be contacted by companies that want you to review their product, for a price. You can always negotiate with them. Sometimes, you will be given something else, sometimes their product for free.

4. Affiliate Link – If you blog have the same niche as any affiliate, a good affiliate product, you can always review the product, or insert affiliate link below your pot, and event make a column for affiliate product to register their email based on their interest. I have seen many of friends gains money via this techniques.

If you have anything to add, you can always put in comment box. 😉

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Perkara berkenaan rumah lelong yang anda tidak diberitahu

Berbanding pada waktu dahulu, harga rumah sekarang sudah mencanak naiknya. Walaupun ada inisiatif kerajaan untuk membendung pembelian rumah yang bertujuan untuk dijual atau disewa, namun harga rumah tetap meningkat. Walaupun terdapat usaha untuk memberi insentif kepada penduduk untuk membeli rumah pertama, namun ia telah disalahguna oleh sesetengah pihak untuk menaikkan harga pembinaan. Spekulator juga salah satu penyebab kenaikan harga kerana mereka tidak dibelenggu dengan had pinjaman yang ditentukan oleh bank. Berbalik kepada kisah rumah lelong, terdapat beberapa perkara yang tidak diberitahu jika anda bertujuan membeli rumah lelong. Tips ini adalah berdasarkan pengalaman daku sendiri. Antaranya ialah:

1. Sebelum lelong – Keadaan Rumah yang hendak dibeli

Perkara pertama yang anda perlu lakukan sebelum masuk membida ialah melihat sendiri rumah tersebut. Lihat dengan mata sendiri bagaimana keadaan rumah tersebut, persekitaran, akses ke kemudahan berdekatan; kedai, klinik, stesen bas, stesen lrt, restoran dan ambil tahu penyebab rumah tersebut dilelong. Selain itu, jika ia adalah apartment, pastikan anda bertanya tentang kos selenggara (maintenance fee) sebagai tambahan kepada installment yang anda bayar kepada bank setiap bulan.

2. Semasa lelong – 10 Percent downpayment dan cas extra

Selepas anda membida, jika anda tidak bernasib baik, harga rumah akan melambung tinggi melepasi taraf yang anda harapkan. Namun begitu jika anda masih cekal, anda akan menang juga membida juga dengan harga dibawah pasaran. Ingat, jangan membida pada atas harga pasaran melainkan ia mempunyai sentimental value kepada anda. Jadi, setelah selesai bida, anda perlu menjelaskan baki lagi nilai yang anda telah naikkan tersebut.

Katakan harga reserved ialah RM200k, dan selepas bida, anda menang dengan harga RM280k. Maka terdapat RM80k perbezaan, dan 10% daripada nilai itu iaitu RM8k perlu dijelaskan ketika itu juga tatkala anda ingin mengambil tandatangan dan resit downpayment tersebut.

3. Semasa lelong – Ulat-ulat Peminta Sedekah

Sebelum anda melangkah masuk ke tempat membida, jika anda duduk di luar bersama segerombolan pembida lain, akan ada beberapa orang akan mendekati anda bertanyakan rumah yang ingin anda bida. Jika anda bijak, anda tidak perlu memberitahu mereka. Namun begitu jika anda merasakan mereka juga turut inginkan rumah tersebut, maka kawtim akan dilakukan. Selalunya, kalau sesama agen,
“kasikla pj, asik you je”
‘ok la.. cincai 500’
“so berapa orang”
‘dia, dengan dia, ngan i. so 4 orang.’

Kalau dengan anda, kemungkinan mereka tidak mahu membida rumah tersebut, namun mereka kawtim juga untuk mendapat wang lebih. ‘kalau u kasik 1(k), i tarik diri’
“kalau i nak kasi you, i nak reserved price!” ha, katakan begini

Jadi, worse case scenario, duit lebih dalam RM1k-RM4k juga diperlukan jika anda ingin melakukan kawtim diluar. Pastikan anda kawtim dengan orang yang betul -betul mahukan rumah tersebut sebagai konsolasi jika anda menang tanpa bertanding. Kadang-kadang kawtim juga lebih murah jika anda masuk bid terus. Katakan harga rumah RM100k, 4 orang masuk. RM1k sorang, jadi total RM104k. Kalau masuk bid kemungkinan harga naik sehingga RM120k misalnya.

4. Selepas lelong – Peguam Tidak Mahu Ambil Kes atau Sengaja Lewatkan Proses

Komisyen kepada peguam selalunya diberikan oleh bank. Komisyen adalah berdasarkan percentage kepada harga rumah. Jadi bagi rumah-rumah yang dimenangi dibawah RM50k, mimpi ngeri anda baru sahaja bermula. Walaupun bank mudah menerima permohonan anda kerana rumah dibawah RM50k iaitu harga murah, pencarian peguam yang sanggup lakukan untuk anda bakal bermula. Jika anda kenal dan baik dengan mana-mana peguam, ia adalah sesuatu yang advantage bagi anda. Jika tidak, anda mungkin terseksa dengan tidak dapat mana-aman peguam, dan jika dapat, peguam tersebut akan meletakkan priority yang rendah untuk rumah itu menjadikan ia melebihi tempoh yang ditetapkan. Jika anda terlewat membayar kepada Assignee/Plaintif, maka penalti akan dikenakan berdasarkan harga harian. Jadi mulai hari ini, anda berkawanlah dengan peguam hartanah atau kenal mana-mana peguam yang baik hati yang sanggup tolong anda nanti. 😉

Worst case scenario, anda beli sahaja rumah itu dengan cash (wang tunai). Sumber kewangan anda bergantunglah sama ada personal loan, loan shark atau sedara-mara, adik, abang, ayah dan lain-lain lagi. 😉

5. Selepas lelong – Bil tunggakan dan sewa rumah

Selalunya, maintenace fee dengan cukai boleh diclaim semula dengan bank yang melelong melalui peguam. Tetapi bil elektrik dan air sebelum ini anda kena setelkan sendiri. Namun, jika tidak silap saya sekarang boleh buat seperate bil / bil berasingan iaitu untuk bil kepada diri anda sendiri atau kepada penyewa rumah tersebut. Anda cuma memerlukan Tenancy Agreement yang menyatakan hal tersebut. Maka jika teori ini betul, berkemungkinan bil yang tertunggak tersebut juga tidak perlu dijelaskan anda. Selain bil elektrik dan bil air, cukai tanah dan cukai pintu juga perlu dipindah nama oleh anda selepas memperoleh Sale And Purchased Agreement (S&P/ SPA) daripada bank.

Bagi sewa rumah pula, anda perlu membuat Tenancy Agreement kepada penyewa. Untung-untung anda mendapat wang sewaan percuma selama empat bulan semasa proses permohonan bank tersebut diluluskan.

Semoga ia membantu anda.

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What I have done?

Five years ago, there were many things a fresh so-called computer engineer, who passed his degree with 2.xx pointer dreamed. And yet he just can’t imagine there are many items in his wishlist that has been checked, only in his twenties. He is really grateful to Allah for rezekiNya.

Getting a job.  A good paying job. A good paying job with lesser work. :p

Graduates below than 3 pointer might feel less in confidence during first job interview. But lucky me, I was determined to get myself in this rare MNC Company with much better salary than what I demanded with two companies interviewed before. I like the friendly, professional, no-blame environment and learned a lot here.

Secured a life insurance

I got my first life insurance at the age of 23. I have no idea what it was about, but I am the one who called the agent to sign up. At that time, the insurance agent shocked and he looked at the pemplate he holds stating with the age table started only with 25. What a memory. He was about to “cuba fikir apa jadi kat mak ayah nanti kalau kita tiba-tiba kemalangan”, when I cut and direct him to benefit of his insurance rather than wasting 30 minutes of motivation to convince.

Registered an enterprise business (RoB)

About 6 months with nothing interesting to do after work, my nightlife changed to more beneficial, money making, and network building, thanks to my ‘sudden’-business-minded housemate after a cool brainstorm. Using skills of web programming and pc troubleshooting, we both get ourselves own registered business. The business was slow but we didn’t care that much because we just do it for fun, experience and maturity time for loan. Duit gaji pun tak abis belanja lagi, orang kata. At that time lah.

Bought properties

At my age that time, not many colleagues or fresh graduates thinks to hook their commitment to property first, rather than a cool superbike or nice new car. I bought a few properties credited to my father for open up my mind in this investment area. Now, I am sort of taiko – collecting rental money every months and preparing tenancy agreement every year. Muahaha.

Travel to other countries

I got the chance to travel to several countries in Asia and Europe several times (Five counties until this article posted) and with one more in scheduled soon enough. I never imagined this opportunity will come routinely. Thank you to Allah and my beloved parents who urged me with several argument to go interview for this job.


This year I completed my other half with a lovely, beautiful, understanding, helpful, fierce wife. Thank you Allah for bringing her to my life and thank you my family for raising me up until what I am today. I shall never forget those. Now I got bigger family with bigger responsibility. ;P

Friends and Best Friends

I gained a few die hard friends and bestfriends that I like to update, gossips, hang out together and worth to sacrifice for. :p Ops, somebody might get jealous. You guys are the best!

Allrite. Time to sleep. I guess I am 27 already by this second. Good nite. Thank you all for everything. 😉

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What I have done?

Five years ago, there were many things a fresh so-called computer engineer, who passed...
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