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Drafting initial plan for business in 2017

Assalamualaikum wbt and very good morning to you guys,


In dealing with current business challenge especially for the year 2017 and looking forward, I seek a few advices and insight opinion from the startup fellows. Many meetings or should I say a santai table talks in the December 2016 has been held.


For this year, me and Amin, my manager cum my replicator (he can do the thinking while I’m not around) for running operation, decided that we maintain our business (projector rental & laptop rental), and wrap it up into something more related (mini event AV equipment rental) in order to offer the packages to customers. It sound good to me as we previously offer seperate item rather all-in-one solutions. Our inventories and partners also has been growing tremendously in 2016.


In 2017 also, we will be focusing on our current partners and look ahead for new partnership opportunities. I have made a decision that an office (although it just a working space) is important in strengtehing the company image. Luckily Amin have found a suitable one located in just nearby (Presint 8) and we will be sharing with a suitable company that is doing training center business (soon to be our client as well.) ๐Ÿ˜


For some that ask whether we have any plan on diversity, the answer is we do, and right now it is  still in initial and research stage and we expect it will grow slow and steady.


Last but not least, thank you to all the client for your continuos support and also thank you to all staffs that happily working with us. We would not have been this far at we are now without each of you direct or indirectly helping it. Lets rock 2017! 


May Allah bless us. InsyaAllah.


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Combo pack! Doakan daku selamat tahun 2013

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.,

Sementara tiada mood kerja, dan ada mood menulis, ku updatekan jua perkara-perkara yang akan menjadi jurnalku. Hehe.

So, latest update, lets see… It’s been a very occupied months lately and will continues until end of the year.

I am grateful though in this life, although it has been a little bit hectic and busy in the early days, has never been easier through the end of the day.

I am also grateful that this life work as planned so far, Alhamdulillah..

So the combo were:

1. Daily Workload + 2. Daily Study

Then come up:

3. Weekend Biz

Then come up:

4. Future Baby

Then come up:

5. Daily additional workload as I will take my superior job

And those were effective simultaneously.


Luckily I have those helping hands around me, showing nothing to all those point above. ๐Ÿ™‚

Special thanks to wifey, jaju, ayep, apai, and all others that has given tremendous support, ideas, hands, legs, and keeping me ‘alive’ in my tiredness.

Lets’s hope it work as planned. ๐Ÿ™‚ InsyaAllah.


We never fail to plan (coz if we don’t, they said we plan to fail, lolz.) but the decision is Allah as he is the best planner.


Short story of the plan. Wifey has returned home since early this year. So, I didn’t plan to go anywhere this year. So, with a great opportunity from my very bestfriend, I enroll for continuing study for these 2 years. And to pick up fast, we took the same course as back to back is important to ensure stability of emotion, and discussion for understanding. There are a lot of wonderful plan in between which I should keep for myself without you, yes you, reader, planning to ruin it. Lolz.

Anyway, I wish all the best to you, reader, too.

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PJ Challenge 09

Lately I keep seeing advertisement of Blogger Karnival at Petaling Jaya, sponsored by Kaspersky. And the day has come. It is today – 20th June 2009.


More info:

“…selain daripada Karnival Bloggers, beberapa acara yang bakal mendapat sambutan ialah PJ Drift, pertandingan perbarisan, bengkel Liveable City, lumba basikal, sukan rakyat, Power Boat, program tanam pokok dan Seminar Landskap 2009.” Utusan

Blog 411
I dunno whether I will be going or not, but I has registered in advanced for Blog 411 slot. “How to blog more humourously, the drama and emotions of blogging, secrets of the Malaysian blogosphere, how blogging relates to journalism and more.” is some description for the slot from Kaspersky SEA website.

Raising number of bloggers
From my view, there are sudden raising on the number of bloggers nowadays, and it increase rapidly everyday. I wonder how many blogspot’s subdomains has already occupied and how many dot com domains were purchased from a serius blogger every single day. Now everyone can blog, can have own website and can talk almost anything to the world. Hatred, dissatisfaction, crappy things (sounds like me isn’t it) and not to forget all the good things, motivation and ‘Chicken soup of The Day’.

Who are those featured blogger?
There are a lot of bloggers from different niche: Life, Leisure, Business, Computers, Gardening, and others. To be truth, I didn’t even know those whose name listed in that blogger 411 slot such Kenny Sia, Amanda Choe, Ellie Chee, Niki Cheong, Jason Goh and Rames (excluding Josh Lim I first known from Advertlets controversy back in 2007). Of course I do follow some personal blog like the blog linked from here and also rather peeking into kak jie‘s, ayoi’s, and the small sueannajoe‘s mumblings. I dunno whether to classify a good blogging need to have special techniques or just ‘be yourself’ thingy. Although what in my mind now they are only Josh Lim’s crony, but thanks to them for having some time and making this event success!

Last but not least, if I go there this morning (oh gosh, its 3.30 am now, why I’m still awake) or afternoon, I hope to see some more Malay bloggers and also getting to know more about above blogger name mentioned. (BTW Ixora, Lynn, Niesah, Lolly, and sumer pembaca, g tak? Kalo g bgtaulah ek, leh lepaking kejap.)

A couple of Qs
P/S: Maybe a couple of questions to throw out to Kaspersky Lab, the event organizer probably:
1. How do bloggers (as bloggers raising rapidly) can help stop **cybercrime (as they also growing very rapidly)?
2. Can I get your free Antivirus now?

Ok babeh, time to sleep. Berhenti merepek sekarang! ๐Ÿ™‚

** Cybercrime means not bounded to only hacking, malware or phishing links, but let say distributing porns, attacking an individual personally, publish bad things or porn pic for a person, and others.

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SEC Santai PD ’09

Pada tanggal 6 Jun 2009, CEUTM (ex-Computer Engineering) mengadakan aktiviti SEC Santai untuk mengeratkan silaturrahim antara rakan-rakan seperjuangan semasa di UTM dahulu. Seramai sebelas orang peserta hadir untuk mengimarahkan Santai di sana yakni Palai (penganjur), Lukman (penganjur), Fairuz, Hakim, Shahfizal, Dekan, Nabilah, Huda Rahman, Shakirah, Zarina dan Hidayah.

Destinasi yang dipilih pada kali ini ialah Port Dickson dan kami menginap di Glory Beach Resort (RM470/apartmen beb.. Huhu.. amik 2 apartment). Ya, tidak dinafikan tempat tersebut agak selesa, namun pantai di sebelah resort kurang memuaskan kerana ia sedikit sebanyak agak tercemar.

Antara aktiviti menarik yang menjadi kenangan ialah:

1. menaiki Banana Boat di tepian pantai ramai-ramai (9 orang)
Pada petang Sabtu tersebut, bila dah takda aktiviti sangat, kami mendecide untuk menaiki Banana Boat. Ya, Dekan, Fairuz, Palai, Lukman, Hakim, Shah, Nabila, Shasha, Huda menaiki Banana Boat (dan buat pertama kalinya bagi Dekan) bersama-sama pusing-pusing di lautan nan indah. Vrooomm2.. Dan lastly kami dilemparkan ke tepian pantai gedebushhh!! Haha.. Terbaliklah banana tersebut. Ada yang mempunyai water confidence stabil sikit la macam Dekan ni. Tapi sian jugak kat Cik Huda dan Nabilah kerna belum terbiasa dengan level air yang tidak mencecah kaki ataupun terkejutan dilemparkan ataupun life jaket yang tidak selesa yang membuatkan mereka ditolong oleh rakan-rakan yang ada. Apapun ia amat menarik sekali… Hehe..

2. malam berBBQ di tepian pantai:

Malam itu kami semua lepaking di tepian pantai dan berBBQ kerna kelaparan yang ngamat sangat. Yum2.. Tahniah kepada Dekan kerana masakan BBQ mu mengagumkan. Opss tidak lupa juga kepada Lukman, Hakim, Shah, Hidayah, Nabilah, dan semua yang lain yang tidak perlu diulangi kembali nama-nama di atas kerana turut membantu sama ada menggoreng, menjadi quality control, menjadi pemakan sejati, mahupun tukang karut yang banyak bercakap. Muahaha.. Sedap woo ayam tuh.. X boleh lupa sosej Palai yang menyimpul-niympul bukan seperti sosej biasa selepas digoreng. Tahniah bro, leh bukak kedai! :p

Gambar ialah hiasan sementara kerana gambar-gambar lain belum diproses. Gambar: Melayan kerenah peminat memang menjadi tugas Dekan. Muahahaha :p

3. Aktiviti-aktiviti malam fizikal dan mental:
i) Galah Panjang:
Ya, GALAH PANJANG! Permainan legendary ini menjadi pilihan tiba-tiba pada malam tersebut berkat ilham yang diberikan Ilahi kerana tiada aktiviti yang lebih menarik melainkan kerjasama dan gelak tawa rakan-rakan yang sporting menjayakannya. Kami mulakan dengan melakar garisan galah panjang di pasir pantai tersebut dan setelah aktiviti dimulakan aktiviti kami menarik ramai pengunjung berhenti dan berkumpul di tepi gelanggang sambil memberikan sokongan dan support. Pergh.. Kumpulan paling happening sekali pada malam itu, ada yang sempat menagmbil gambar kami in action. Team 1 – Hakim, Fairuz, Palai, Hidayah dan Zarina. Team 2 – Dekan, Shah, Huda, Shasha, Nabilah. Pengadil – Lukman. Keputusannya: Seri dua sama. Hik hik.

ii) Pencuri, Detective dan Orang Kampung:

Permainan menarik ini ialah hasil idea Palai yang tidak kering gusi kami bermainnya. Ada 2 orang pencuri dan seorang detective dalam satu kampung, rulenya, pencuri mesti disingkirkan dan bukan detektif. Setiap salah tekaan, si peneka akan disingkirkan. Semuanya bermula dengan nama dan pekerjaan masing-masing yang agak melucukan: Ahmad Idham – bomoh, Cik Senah – penoreh getah, (Nabila) – (kerja), Rosmah bin Mansor – nelayan, Long Ahmad – tok mudim, Joey – posmen, (shasha) – penjahit baju, (zarina) – (pekerjaan), Najib – tok kadi. Berakhir pada tengah malam, kami kemudian pulang ke resort masing-masing yang kebetulan bersebelahan sahaja untuk berehat untuk menjana tenaga kembali untuk aktiviti esok.

ii) Tembakan bunga api:

Ini ialah ‘iklan’ tatkala kami sedang bermain permainan kedua. Bunga api ini dipasang oleh salah seorang pengunjung berdekatan dengan tempat aktiviti kami. Mestilah berdekatan kami kerana lebih meriah berbanding di tempat lain. ๐Ÿ™‚

Kemudian keesokannya, pagi-pagi lagi kami sudah subuh dan menyiapkan diri untuk sarapan pagi. Yum2.. makan kat beach.. Seperti biasa makanannya memang sedap sama seperti beach2 mahupun hotel2 lain. (Kepada sesiapa yang biasa berkursus di sana-sini, mesti da muak. Haha.) Baiklah, setelah separa kenyang makan, kami ke aktiviti seterusnya..

Bola tampar pantai! Beach volley ball. (betul ke nama ni? Huhu malas nak pikir, nanti edit balik). Yehaa! Kami bermain dengan penuh teruja sekali setelah menempah court dan jaring ditepian pantai tersebut selama 1 jam sehingga jam 9 pagi. Lihatlah sapa yang terel! Hik2. Walaupun pihak lelaki kurang arif dalam permainan ini, namun mereka memberi tamparan yang hebat juga dengan skor yang agak competative! Pelbagai aksi dan skill dapat dilihat di situ. Keputusannya, group 1 menang. Hehe.

VolleyBall Beach
Volley Abll2

Side Story: Ada perkara menarik disitu berlaku sebenarnya bagi Dekan. Haha. Dekan yang tidak mempunyai seluar kering untuk bermain beach volleyball tersebut, telah dipinjamkan seluar track yang dipakai oleh seorang awek yang ngecun yang dirahsiakan namanya. Hahaha.. Maka tercapai jugalah hasrat untuk bermain volleyball tersebut. Tenkiu babeh. Tenkiu2 very much. Nanti guer blanje kalo jumpa lagi. Haha. ๐Ÿ™‚

Kemudian, kami meneruskan aktiviti dengan berendam di dalam air. Air masin dan air tak masin. Mula-mula lepaking di laut. Tapi selepas terasa kemasinan yang amat, kami bergegas ke pool yang berdekatan. 1…2…. Yihaaaa Gedebush! Bunyi Dekan terjun ke dalam pool tersebut. Miahaha. Best woo.. Rugi sapa tak pergi. Pastu kami bermandi-mandalah situ. TAk lupa juga time tu ramai orang2 tururt bermandi-manda sekali. Haha. Time tu jugaklah diaorang ajak ramai2 celen pertandingan dukung pasangan masing2 dalam air dari satu belah ke sebelah bertentangan dalam pool tersebut. Apalagi, kami pun joinlah! haha.. Tapi kalah.. Yang penting fun. :p

Bermandi manda

Setelah itu kami bersiap-siap dalam pukul 11 pagi untuk checkout. Dalam pukul 12 ke satu kami makan tengaharai buat kali terakhir di gerai berdekatan.. Sekian sahaja.. Tidak sabar rasanya untuk menunggu santai seterusnya! ๐Ÿ™‚


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An idea for extra income – Ebook?

Lately I was wondering what can I do to got some money or extra income. There has been a few ideas pop-up in mind to gain some extra cash.

One of them is E-book. I dunno whether it is still relevant or not at this time, but at least I can give it a try.

I’ve googling and doing some research that there are a lot of E-books that talk about IM (internet marketing) rather than computer in Bahasa Melayu.ย  Hm, this sound quiet good as Malaysian need something more than IM; the technical skills, the handbook of life, something practical, other than virtual life. I’ve also read that Ebook can be sold if there are someone who want to read it, no matter whether how worth you think it would be inside.

So, I’m thinking to do something related with computer. Something valuable for some special readers. Something that anyone can understand than technical skills.

Ideas for the ebook has been scratched down to papers, and my friends (luckily, there are a few friends would like to assist and see it successfullness) and I will start writing from today onwards. There are a few chapters and the draft will be reorganized after all papers has been submitted.

Seems like Lutfi, my comploggers friend, has taken a step to ‘install Operating System’. So my EBook will be different and probably unique. I have also a chat with Aman and he said that ebooksphere has filled with internet marketers and he suggested some other ‘practical’ ebooks to test the market. As for Sabri, he support the idea of making computer Ebook, and updated he is currently busy with something and also hoping BuletinPC will achieve something one day.

That’s all for now. Wait until we announce the book, revised it for making it worth, and sell it for super duper discount for the readers. Thank you all for supporting computer industries.


Drafting initial plan for business in 2017

Assalamualaikum wbt and very good morning to you guys, .๐Ÿ˜ In dealing with current...
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Combo pack! Doakan daku selamat tahun 2013

Assalamualaikum w.b.t., Sementara tiada mood kerja, dan ada mood menulis, ku updatekan...
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PJ Challenge 09

Lately I keep seeing advertisement of Blogger Karnival at Petaling Jaya, sponsored by...
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SEC Santai PD ’09

Pada tanggal 6 Jun 2009, CEUTM (ex-Computer Engineering) mengadakan aktiviti SEC Santai...
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An idea for extra income – Ebook?

Lately I was wondering what can I do to got some money or extra income. There has been a...
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