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Drafting initial plan for business in 2017


Assalamualaikum wbt and very good morning to you guys,


In dealing with current business challenge especially for the year 2017 and looking forward, I seek a few advices and insight opinion from the startup fellows. Many meetings or should I say a santai table talks in the December 2016 has been held.


For this year, me and Amin, my manager cum my replicator (he can do the thinking while I’m not around) for running operation, decided that we maintain our business (projector rental & laptop rental), and wrap it up into something more related (mini event AV equipment rental) in order to offer the packages to customers. It sound good to me as we previously offer seperate item rather all-in-one solutions. Our inventories and partners also has been growing tremendously in 2016.


In 2017 also, we will be focusing on our current partners and look ahead for new partnership opportunities. I have made a decision that an office (although it just a working space) is important in strengtehing the company image. Luckily Amin have found a suitable one located in just nearby (Presint 8) and we will be sharing with a suitable company that is doing training center business (soon to be our client as well.) 😍


For some that ask whether we have any plan on diversity, the answer is we do, and right now it is  still in initial and research stage and we expect it will grow slow and steady.


Last but not least, thank you to all the client for your continuos support and also thank you to all staffs that happily working with us. We would not have been this far at we are now without each of you direct or indirectly helping it. Lets rock 2017! 


May Allah bless us. InsyaAllah.


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