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I got “everything” this month. And I feel good about it.

With 6 birthdays and 1 anniversary, what’s more there to count these blessing. Alhamdulillah.

And the best part come. What should I give them especially that one when the “done that” strike are occupying the lists.

Good best friends are building up new list based on their experience, but seems like it doesnt add up much. So let just repeat the list then.

Selalu anniversary / besday korang dah pernah bagi hadiah apa kat bini / si dia?

1. Jam

2. Handbag

3. Bawak pegi fine dining

4. Cium peluk

5. Bawak pegi bercuti

6. Kasut

7. Gelang emas

8. Pandora

9. Perkenalkan bakal honey

10. Bmw

11. Bagi bunga

12. Upah videographer compile semua memori dari kenal sampai sekarang

13. Upah hakiemzakaria nyanyi lagu “send some one to love me” diiringi band lipandara


I guess this is fine. We are all creative and can improvise the list.

Thanks guys! 😎

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  1. Prebeto

    Surprisingly this blog is still alive with the writer mumbling himself..


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