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Good Night plus Good Luck SMS



Yes, this morning at 1.30 am I manage to run my webserver again on this Altera DE2 board! Alhamdulillah.

>ifconfig eth0 #static IP address
>route add default gw # default gateway
>inetd &
>boa &
>ping # my friend's computer is alive! # Walla.. :)

Oh, the good night and good luck messages. I got one last finale exam of university tomorrow. Here is the wish:

“Good Luck 2 U! Wish U Luck! =)”

“Wat lek lok sok! For the final! Good Nite.”

And the best one,

“Gud luck utk esk!;) wpn org bkn matlamat p.cik utk b’jy tp org hrp p.cik b’jy smp bila2..chayok!:-)”

Thank you for all the wishes! 🙂

I will try my best tomorrow. Yup tomorrow also I must submit my Final Year Project report for marking by the lecturer.


  1. nano

    nice blog..
    sejukk je rase msuk sni..
    btw, gud luck haa..

  2. thanks.. 🙂

  3. alin


    u drop bende ni kat shoutbox i..

    🙂 cuba teka siapa.

    *did i know u..???
    tgh berpikir tp xde clue langsung…


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