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Hello 2018


I hope it is not too late. I know it is not.

Although it takes me quiet a while to kickstart 2018 without proper plan, and risking it to prosper throughoutthe year.

Here is the setup that I have planted since early this year:

Dedicated Persons

More people, more focus, more to gain, more less headache task, and less gain on “income”. Phew. It just a matter of time as I forecast it is going to be a good “investment” anyway.

“Work-Life Balance”. The term I’ve been using with my ex housemate half a decade back.

Working in Alternate Days 

This year I am going to tune into that really slowly. I used to work almost everyday (even during weekend, and wifey would turn into hulk instead of wonder woman) and back home around 1 to 2 am.

So, just a rule to me for a worklife balance, I might use this alternate day concept. One day in house and next day in office. Furthermore, being far away from my second workplace is somehow create smiles to wifey as I now feel exausted driving (probably due to aging lolz).

Often every year, a new unique challenges will surface. Lets rock on 2018, again!


Signing In To Sustainability and Staying Relevant,

Dekan. 😊

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