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Kalau xnak update blog, baik delete je blog tu..


“Kalau tak nak update blog, baik delete je blog tu..” kata Alin. Ouch.. That sound so harsh, my dear friend. Hehe. Tapi fikir-fikir balik mungkin ada betulnya. Tapi x jugak. Anyway she does not know what blog address that I am blogging. Should I say that this blog cannot be deleted as I am paying erm.. let see.. RM0.90×20+Rm30 = RM48 per year.

So, maybe today I will keep updating once again. 🙂 The idea (to blog) is there mostly during ‘offline’ condition at various places, eg. supermarket, in the car, during traffic jams, but fade away when I just launched the browser in the mood of blogging – it end up reading mails, news and also chatting. Lolz.

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This is my blog anyway. I wont blog everything like Alin (coz I’m afraid of cyberstalking same cases as Kathy Sierra who ended up cancelling her speaking engagement) but I can feel free to blog whatever and whenever I want to.

OK. I’ll see you when I see you. 🙂

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