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Luggage scale


If you happen to travel, and even if it is for business, you still might buying some few things for someones, or some friends, or some families in Malaysia.

And because of that, luggage and baggage weight is one of the concern. If you travel by AirAsia, then you might need to worry much. If you travel by Mas, which I do have experience as business class passenger, then you might not worry too much. If you travel by any Airplane, you might need to worry as a precaution. So you see, estimating your luggage weight before going to the airport is important to avoid extra super stupid charge for your 3 extra kilo toys for your lovely kids. My electronic luggage scale is only cost around gbp8, close to myr40 at the time, with only weight 100gm to carry. It can scale from 50g up to more than 50kg.

So, you might happen to need one of this,

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