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New Project, Continuation from Buried Ones


I am now currently setting up for a new project, but is not that new as this is the continuation of previous pending first project.

My team and I hopes that for this round the project will work and established. Lets go guys! And thank you all for supporting and keep on supporting me (on morale of course) especially wifey. Lolz.

Just can’t wait to restart. 😉

Come to think of it, every human are facing lifecycle of doing something new at certain period, and mine is like every 11-12 months cycle. We are getting boring at what we do and craving for something new or exciting.

Penafian: Gambar ini tidak berkaitan dengan post.

Perhaps this is the project for this year. Let’s go CypherFS, CreatiLab, Palai Behringer, 5ruzstudios, SECian and all endless long list of persons that I couldn’t write in this tiny piece of blog.

May Allah bless us. InsyaAllah. 😉

P/S: has been successfully configured for Multisite. 😉

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