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PJ Challenge 09


Lately I keep seeing advertisement of Blogger Karnival at Petaling Jaya, sponsored by Kaspersky. And the day has come. It is today – 20th June 2009.


More info:

“…selain daripada Karnival Bloggers, beberapa acara yang bakal mendapat sambutan ialah PJ Drift, pertandingan perbarisan, bengkel Liveable City, lumba basikal, sukan rakyat, Power Boat, program tanam pokok dan Seminar Landskap 2009.” Utusan

Blog 411
I dunno whether I will be going or not, but I has registered in advanced for Blog 411 slot. “How to blog more humourously, the drama and emotions of blogging, secrets of the Malaysian blogosphere, how blogging relates to journalism and more.” is some description for the slot from Kaspersky SEA website.

Raising number of bloggers
From my view, there are sudden raising on the number of bloggers nowadays, and it increase rapidly everyday. I wonder how many blogspot’s subdomains has already occupied and how many dot com domains were purchased from a serius blogger every single day. Now everyone can blog, can have own website and can talk almost anything to the world. Hatred, dissatisfaction, crappy things (sounds like me isn’t it) and not to forget all the good things, motivation and ‘Chicken soup of The Day’.

Who are those featured blogger?
There are a lot of bloggers from different niche: Life, Leisure, Business, Computers, Gardening, and others. To be truth, I didn’t even know those whose name listed in that blogger 411 slot such Kenny Sia, Amanda Choe, Ellie Chee, Niki Cheong, Jason Goh and Rames (excluding Josh Lim I first known from Advertlets controversy back in 2007). Of course I do follow some personal blog like the blog linked from here and also rather peeking into kak jie‘s, ayoi’s, and the small sueannajoe‘s mumblings. I dunno whether to classify a good blogging need to have special techniques or just ‘be yourself’ thingy. Although what in my mind now they are only Josh Lim’s crony, but thanks to them for having some time and making this event success!

Last but not least, if I go there this morning (oh gosh, its 3.30 am now, why I’m still awake) or afternoon, I hope to see some more Malay bloggers and also getting to know more about above blogger name mentioned. (BTW Ixora, Lynn, Niesah, Lolly, and sumer pembaca, g tak? Kalo g bgtaulah ek, leh lepaking kejap.)

A couple of Qs
P/S: Maybe a couple of questions to throw out to Kaspersky Lab, the event organizer probably:
1. How do bloggers (as bloggers raising rapidly) can help stop **cybercrime (as they also growing very rapidly)?
2. Can I get your free Antivirus now?

Ok babeh, time to sleep. Berhenti merepek sekarang! 🙂

** Cybercrime means not bounded to only hacking, malware or phishing links, but let say distributing porns, attacking an individual personally, publish bad things or porn pic for a person, and others.


  1. ixora

    dekan…join ke ?

  2. DeKaN

    Dop.. Hehe! :p

  3. Kujie

    hu…. kembang setaman baca entri ni :p


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