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Probably the Last Working Method for Encrypted File by Ransomware


As since last week the world went havoc by this ransomware Wannacry and it seems like a very good opportunity by every security vendor in the world to email their potential customers regarding the subject.

So, the last thing you would want to do probably pay the ransom as it is the only way you know will work.

However, I have this idea, of getting the file, probably not all, but at least something than nothing – file recovery solution.


1. You dont have any backup

2. Your pc does not have drive cache or previous version

3. No other place that you store the very life-important file

…this thing could probably save your money, and life.

So, as I write, my antimalware colleagues now testing and validating this idea. Probably a 50% cure for this disease.

Hope for a good result. 😊

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