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Seperti Pelacur first class layan husband?


Wow, this is something…gross. Lolz. Wifey can never be the same or mean to be the same literally to prostitues. The idea of serving husband like first class prostitutes to prevent straying and social problems is good, and thought that Persatuan Isteri Taat to include sex training agenda in one of their activites will be something new (and awkward). “Macam Kamasutra la plak,” thought Palai would say that. =P From my point of view, she just making some fame by using those words and ideas to bring their society acknowledge by the public. Then there will be the funding, support and also more participation comes in.

“I like your idea, but I didn’t subscribe to it.” Quotes from my cousin’s favourite line. :p

Women, especially wifes can never compared to prostitutes or first class prostitues. The reasons are the same as three points (out of 5, sorry dear) mention in Yu-Kym‘s blog. I totally agree on point no

1. Pelacur kelas pertama tidak memasak, tidak membasuh baju, mengemas rumah dan menjaga anak-anak untuk anda,

2. Pelacur kelas pertama tidak bekerja pada hari biasa atau siang hari membuatkan mereka tidak letih pada malam hari. Malah, mereka memperoleh wang yang banyak daripada kerja tersebut dan boleh dibelanjakan seorang diri.

5. Pelacur kelas pertama tidur dengan banyak lelaki dan mempunyai pengalaman yang banyak. (This is gross).

Bagaimakah seorang isteri untuk melayan si suami sebagai seorang pelacur kelas pertama jika ketiga-tiga point di atas tidak dipenuhi? Hehe.

So, to all husbands out there, appreciate your wife and to wives out there please serve your husband well. That’s all I’m saying because I’m not married yet. And I hope I can be the best husband for my wife. At least moderate. Not too good, not too less. Setiap kehidupan mesti ada cabarannya. To my future wife, I love you dear, for every ‘masa’ in my daily life.

P/S: Tqvm to my Mrs Panda for continuously doing the wake up call since a few months ago. (The only time I recalled you missed only when we were on different GMTs.) Ni yang sayang die ni. :p

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  1. kalau isteri = pelacur first class,
    suami = ??????


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