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Sudden Change In Property Plan


Assalamualaikum w.b.t.,

Suppose at this technological interconnected era, anyone at my current age (generation Y) are well aware of a good personal financial planning.

Owning a house is one of them.

Well enrolling into public sector makes me eligible for one more emergency line or ‘talian hayat’ as I can bypass 70% eligible loan for the third house as restricted by bank negara.

Uniquely, home loan finance from goverment are based on your basic salary with dedicated a set of eligible amount.

So, at early stage I was entitled for MYR255,000 on 2009. I have waited the amount to increase to a better affordable housing price range.

Below is the tablefor the eligibility.


Additional info: My salary incremented at around rm80 per year.

Based on that, can you tell me what can you conclude? 

Now that appreciation of properties suddenly rise, I wasn’t manage to get the row that I want.

Alhamdulillah, consequencely, a few things change suddenly, and it turns out my salary was incremented drastically and the final was during PM announcement of one year advance increment for all goverment servants.

At this point, I was ‘lifted’ suddenly and at a pretty good ‘row’, and considering the property appreciation, it might be the best time to use my talian hayat.

I have also calculated, even if I waited for 10 years, funnyly, I only manage to buy a property priced at RM420,000. Well, come to think of it, will you wait for your ‘JUSA’ just to buy a house at RM420,000? Take a look at the table above again if you did not believe me.

So, I have taken my talian hayat at this time just to grab another place for a living. Talian hayat such as this can only be used once in your lifetime.

Even I envy those who lived in outskirt, whoch they can buy a superb property at RM320,000, I am also grateful and hopefully I have make a good decision.

InsyaAllah. Do pray for me.

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  1. lordvoldemort

    Great to hear that. Live ur life happily. In my case I’m not sure wheather I can manage to do as well as u. Haha..I hope so.


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