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To Scale Up or To Replicate


Any business will have this four phase. Startup, Growth, Maturity, and Renewal/Decline. While I’m looking at it, poundering whether I am still in one of the phase or already move to another, I asked one of the 5-month-old employee what he felt about this company. 

“I think the company are doing super great and very well!” He said excitedly. It surprise me as it it not what I expected. He then added, “We have new customers every week, we have returning customer, we have also partners.” And unfortunately, that was for him, as it give me interchangeably proud, happy and shivers feeling. 

For me, the past 10 months has been stagnant figure for the company. It is not what you think that we are doing same routine job everyday, but instead we were adapting to change during those times, catching up. It is good but exausted. 

Number-based Vision

So now I told my marketing assistant to give me data for the last year and this year and see where we are. Numbers dont lie as a friend, Zulkifli from, said. I would share the data collected at the end of this year and lets see how this project goes. Those data will help me planning for the next replication that I have in mind and probably would be usefull for scaling up.

New Target Market

Later in 2018, we are aiming for new target market, and let see how it goes. There are also a few business idea in mind, related to one another which desire an entire focus for one to kicking up. Probably I just enlist them so it reminds me again some time later:

1. Training and consultancy 

2. One-off project – A How-to Video online

3. IoT & Security – with Mobile Web / Apps

4. An ecommerce store


Scaling Up vs Replicate

Expansion can be mean two things, growing bigger in term of financial and also manpower. 

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