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Top (Technical) Reasons Why I Am Late to Workplace


Working in any private company or government sector that implement 8 to 5 ‘unflexible’ time make your adrenalin rush every morning to get a clean punch on your time card.

While I have my own true reason, but has been considered cliché, as it has been “abused” by others in their reason-for-late form.

Curiously, I peek into others reason-for-late and come up with several suggestions. You might happen to be in this situation, it might be true, but it will still considered cliche:

1. Jalan sesak

2. Kemalangan di ____

3. Tertinggal pas dan patah balik semula

4. Salah letak kunci kereta

5. Isi minyak kereta

6. Anak demam/sakit

7. Pengasuh cuti


While those are the reasons, the true story might be something like this:

1. You woke up early, and somehow you feel a little bit lazy/tired and do everything slowly.

2. You can’t go to work early because you need to take care of your children and send them to school or nursery.


And the best part is:

1. Your boss does not have little children anymore, all are working and grown up.

2. Your boss  does not have any problem on traffic as he is living close to workplace, or he can come early as he has nothing to take care of.

3. Your boss does think that since you are late, you are less motivated, lazy, slow, and does not fit the job anymore.


I wish you good all the best then.

Luckily, I happen to have an understanding immediate boss and he still can understand most of his staffs problem. 😉


Don’t forget this if you are a boss someday. 😉

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