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Upgrading to Next Life Phase


There are many definitions and categorization for human phase of life. Stages of life are categorized by age from most papers on the net, but in my story I defined it by the events occurred in life.

So, this is the simplest stages that I can defined in this Human World:

1. Born/Baby/Toddler

2. Education

3. Career

4. Marriage

5. Having babies/raising

6. Adult/Parenthood/Grand-parenthood

7. Died

The first quarter of life, taken a normal human being aged averagely at 60 years old, we are still in learning phase (1-15 y.o) bounded to whatever environment, characters, examples that has been shown in order to find own identity.

Then the second quarter (15-30 y.o), we are in the place of determining our own life. We are struggling for own life and the determination grow stronger for survival. That’s where we study to made a higher grade, or/and building career, mating, and eventually married at this stage.

I am at this peak of this second stage, and looking back, I have done many things that I regret and as well proud. But those are the things that contribute several changes in life that I valued most. I can tell that I am improving my life, and in making that happen, I am really thankful to those ones in my surrounding that give endless support, thoughts, hands, legs, advice, tips and tricks.

Last 2 weeks, my life upgraded to the next phase that is no. 5. Alhamdulillah, my newborn son has ‘cukup sifat’nya and he’s cute. Lolz. At first I just thought, OMG, I eventually have a child. It does not take too long for me to realize this is what my parents had when I was born. Then, the responsibility feeling grows and I need to equip not only him, but myself in preparation for what’s coming next. Gratefully, my father has given a good glance of reflection of what to do very well. Thanks to my parents, I appreciate you guys more now.

At first week, its never been such as hectic life than working on the day, studying on the night, taking care of the baby midnight until Subuh and rotate the cycle. Right now I can adapt as its become a routine when I can see the pattern and anticipate whats next. Alhamdulillah monetary is not a problem so far as we have made some saving and buying things. The only thing is I am in the middle of end of semester and there are examinations and paper submissions. I found in myself several hidden attributes as things become needed. I am extra fast, extra focus, extra efficient and extra thinking right now. Enough of that self-bragging, I am grateful to Allah and will take a very good care of what he has been given. 😉

Surat Beranak – Check!

Tabung Haji dan Pendaftaran Haji – Check!

Takaful / Insurance coverage – Check!

That’s enough for this 2 weeks I think.. Finding baby sitter, business plan, and parenthood is next in 2014. 3 days more to go and lets hope its work. I pray my semi-passive’s sewaprojektor, passive’s propertyrental and my active work blessed this coming year. InsyaAllah.

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