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Weather, Language or Food


UK is like Malaysia. Very much like Malaysia. That’s why you will survive, most Malaysian will survive at London.

The difference are only food, weather and building.

The politeness, the friendliness, and the socket plug are almost the same.

You will likely to survived in London, because, most Malaysian knows how to speak in English, and every people in this land knows the English language, and plus every sign and notes are exactly in English. Unlike what I use to think Austria, Hungary, Belgium and as well Italy that they know how to speak English, but they doesn’t and arrogant.

So I kind of like it here. And the politeness of the people shows when they say Hi and start a conversation even when we are waiting for the bus. I then sat at the front seat of the bus, and hear that they are saying ‘thank you’ from each one that getting off the bus to the driver.

A more like Malaysia.. I think. For certain places. 😉

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  1. lordvoldemort

    good to hear that. someday maybe i will be there. maybe. :). thinking of travel alone to other places. haha.


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