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What I have done?


Five years ago, there were many things a fresh so-called computer engineer, who passed his degree with 2.xx pointer dreamed. And yet he just can’t imagine there are many items in his wishlist that has been checked, only in his twenties. He is really grateful to Allah for rezekiNya.

Getting a job.  A good paying job. A good paying job with lesser work. :p

Graduates below than 3 pointer might feel less in confidence during first job interview. But lucky me, I was determined to get myself in this rare MNC Company with much better salary than what I demanded with two companies interviewed before. I like the friendly, professional, no-blame environment and learned a lot here.

Secured a life insurance

I got my first life insurance at the age of 23. I have no idea what it was about, but I am the one who called the agent to sign up. At that time, the insurance agent shocked and he looked at the pemplate he holds stating with the age table started only with 25. What a memory. He was about to “cuba fikir apa jadi kat mak ayah nanti kalau kita tiba-tiba kemalangan”, when I cut and direct him to benefit of his insurance rather than wasting 30 minutes of motivation to convince.

Registered an enterprise business (RoB)

About 6 months with nothing interesting to do after work, my nightlife changed to more beneficial, money making, and network building, thanks to my ‘sudden’-business-minded housemate after a cool brainstorm. Using skills of web programming and pc troubleshooting, we both get ourselves own registered business. The business was slow but we didn’t care that much because we just do it for fun, experience and maturity time for loan. Duit gaji pun tak abis belanja lagi, orang kata. At that time lah.

Bought properties

At my age that time, not many colleagues or fresh graduates thinks to hook their commitment to property first, rather than a cool superbike or nice new car. I bought a few properties credited to my father for open up my mind in this investment area. Now, I am sort of taiko – collecting rental money every months and preparing tenancy agreement every year. Muahaha.

Travel to other countries

I got the chance to travel to several countries in Asia and Europe several times (Five counties until this article posted) and with one more in scheduled soon enough. I never imagined this opportunity will come routinely. Thank you to Allah and my beloved parents who urged me with several argument to go interview for this job.


This year I completed my other half with a lovely, beautiful, understanding, helpful, fierce wife. Thank you Allah for bringing her to my life and thank you my family for raising me up until what I am today. I shall never forget those. Now I got bigger family with bigger responsibility. ;P

Friends and Best Friends

I gained a few die hard friends and bestfriends that I like to update, gossips, hang out together and worth to sacrifice for. :p Ops, somebody might get jealous. You guys are the best!

Allrite. Time to sleep. I guess I am 27 already by this second. Good nite. Thank you all for everything. 😉

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